It’s all a bit weird at the moment, and we know that many of you are working hard to entertain and educate children, and perhaps yourselves too. Below are some websites and resources that may be useful learning aids for you and your family. They’re a mix of all sorts of science and learning, not just astronomy. We’ll keep adding more as we find them, and plan to make some of our own resources too. If you find anything you think we should add to the list, just send us a message.

Kurzgesgt – In a Nutshell is an all-time favourite YouTube channel for Tom, one of our volunteers. “It’s well researched with fun graphics that kids love (myself included). They videos have a good solid science background but clearly explained. And, most importantly, exciting to watch!” This is a link to their Universe and Space stuff videos but they explore a lot of other things, from wormholes and moon-bases to videos about origins of consciousness and loneliness.

The British Science Association have put together a series of Community Activity Packs – Lots of science activities – things to make, experiments you can do indoors and outdoors, and some kitchen science projects too. Some are messier than others…have fun!

This amazing video is AMAZING! An interactive 360° virtual reality tour of exoplanets and more!

There are loads of resources and lots of useful info on STEM Learning’s Home Learning page. You’ll find STEM learning resources linked to the national curriculum if needed, but there are also a home learning survival guide, info about the science of learning, and resources about coronavirus too.

Because our little explorers’ missions have all been diverted, ESA (European Space Agency) have created Expedition: Home. There are LOADS of things to keep your little (or not so little) ones busy – games, activities, competitions and more. It’s all divided into different age groups to give you a better idea of what might suit your family.

The British Science Museum website is filled with all sorts of great learning material: activities, apps and games, and lots of interactive videos on various items within their museums.

There’s LOADS on the NHM website. You can take virtual tours around various exhibits and galleries of the museum. And on their Try this at home page you can explore nature from the great indoors and learn about dinosaurs. In their Our Science section you can explore their collections and discover more about the museum’s research.

And, of course, NASA! NASA always have amazing resources available on their website but they’ve added even more stuff now for their NASA at home for kids and families page. There is SO much to do here we think you’ll be kept busy for a while.

And while we’re on the subject of NASA – maybe just get into the habit of checking out their Astrophotography Picture of the Day page. Amazing images of our universe with an explanation about what’s happening in the picture from a pro astronomer!Total Eclipse