Something hit me and I saw stars.

Dartmoor Skies is a charity that inspires people about astronomy and science.

The founders of Dartmoor Skies, Rob and Bryony, have been pitching their telescope up on Dartmoor for the last couple of years and know just how amazing the views of planets, stars and galaxies can be.

Heavens above….

Space. It’s quite big and although it is mostly, well, space, it’s got lots of stuff in it too. Anyone can look up and be swept away by the beauty of a clear night’s sky, and we’ve found that most people want to learn more about what they are seeing. Our purpose is to make astronomy more accessible by running astronomy events in multiple location and providing a small, but perfectly formed, collection of telescopes for people to use. Think of us as a mini mobile observatory with cakes, hot drinks and blankets.

Nerd-in-residence Rob will give a talk on a chosen subject. He’ll then set up the telescopes and make sure they’re pointing at interesting space objects for you. Feel free to ask him lots of complicated questions…it’ll help him learn too.

Sometimes our events will focus on a particular planet or galaxy. Sometimes they’ll be about more general subjects like constellations. For each event there’s a talk, possibly some activities, and if the skies are clear we get you outside observing.

There’s lots to see on your own doorstep and we hope to make it all a little less daunting.