Astronomy Adventures and Stargazing at Poltimore House – Saturday 7th March

Astronomy Adventures with Dartmoor Skies

Poltimore House, Exeter

Saturday 7th March, 5-7PM

Pop-up show and talk followed by stargazing (weather permitting)

Our pop-up spaceship theatre travels through space and time, and even into the realms of mythology. Join us and journey through the Solar System. Discover some of the amazing features of our galactic doorstep, and learn more about our exploration of space.

After your spaceship adventure, we’ll pitch their telescopes in the grounds of Poltimore House so you can enjoy spectacular views of stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies. Ask us all the questions about space that you’ve been longing to know the answer to. Whether you’ve had a passion for astronomy all your life or are exploring the cosmos for the very first time, this is a welcoming and relaxed event for everyone.

This event will go ahead whatever the weather. If we are unable to stargaze we will run additional activities after the ‘talky’ bit has ended.

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