We’ve launched a vital fundraising campaign and we need you!

Dartmoor Skies launched over 4 and a half years ago. We’ve been surprised (and pretty chuffed) by the response it’s had – people love stargazing and astronomy and really appreciate a welcoming environment where they can learn more. We feel very fortunate to have worked with so many brilliant organisations and individuals, and we’ve loved welcoming so many people to our events. Check out our Crowdfunder video below. There’s a little easter egg at the end, and you get bonus points if you can name the movie that the music at the end comes from.

We need your help

At the moment, we’re in need of a new telescope. Our current scope is falling apart and we don’t know how much longer it can hold out. As stargazing activities are our main source of funding, we’re stuck if we don’t have a working telescope. And, as great as our main telescope is, there are still many astronomical objects that it just can’t see. We want to use this as an opportunity to up our game and make stargazing even more special for people.

This purchase is going to be a big one for us – in total we need £2650, but our current goal is £2225 which will allow us to buy the telescope.

This campaign is an all-or-nothing campaign: if we don’t reach our target, we don’t get ANY of the money people pledge to us. The campaign launched today and we have until December 13th to get the money together.

There are lots of ways you can help us

The ‘Big Ask’ Let’s get this awkward bit out of the way – Can you make a donation?

If you would like to donate (hooray, and thank you!), please donate via our Crowdfunder page. We are offering thank you gifts based on how much you donate, but anything you can give us will be gratefully received.

Spread to word!

Help us promote the #MoorScope campaign. The more people see this, the more likely we are to reach our target.

  • Hit your social media accounts and share our campaign with your friends and family.
  • Been to one of our events? Tell everyone about your experience of stargazing.
  • Don’t forget to add #MoorScope

Share your ideas with us!

If you know people we should talk to, events we could attend, newsletters we could go in tell us, or have any other ideas about promoting this project get in touch and let us know!

What makes this project great?

Our new telescope won’t go out of date!

We can keep this telescope for a long time and it will always show people the same amazing things for years to come.

Our new telescope will be more transportable!

We can share the experience of stargazing with more communities and be more accessible.

Our new telescope will be even more awesome!

The scope we want is double the size of our current telescope so you and other people will be able to see galaxies, planets and other objects in even more detail.