In November 2019 we launched a vital fundraising campaign to buy an even more awesome telescope.

We were delighted by the support we received. In total, you donated £3,179, meaning that we were able to buy a brand new telescope.

You can still check out our Crowdfunder video below to discover more about #MoorScope. There’s a little easter egg at the end, and you get bonus points if you can name the movie that the music at the end comes from.

What makes this project great?

Our new telescope won’t go out of date!

We can keep this telescope for a long time and it will always show people the same amazing things for years to come.

Our new telescope will be more transportable!

We can share the experience of stargazing with more communities and be more accessible.

Our new telescope will be even more awesome!

The scope we’ve now been able to buy is double the size of our current telescope so you and other people will be able to see galaxies, planets and other objects in even more detail.