Past Event – The Mysteries of Venus at Combe Grove – 19/5/2018

Venus is a striking sight. At night it shines brighter than any star and sits resplendent in our morning and evening skies.

For a long time Venus was known as Earth’s twin. It held many mysteries for scientists, concealing them under a thick and impenetrable layer of permanent cloud.

Why does Venus have less than one day in a year? Why could it be a better holiday destination than Mars? Why is it the hottest planet in our solar system?

To find out more join astronomy outreach charity Dartmoor Skies for an event that will unveil the mysteries of our nearest planetary neighbour. Then, assuming the clouds are behaving themselves, they’ll lead you into the grounds of Combe Grove where you can use a selection of telescopes and binoculars to see some of the wonders of the night-sky with your own eyes.

Star-trails seen against Buckfastleigh, Venus is the brightest trail
Venus is the brightest natural object after the Moon

Full details and booking here

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