Lunar 100 – L2 Earthshine


No binoculars or telescopes required!

Also known as ‘twice reflected sunlight’, earthshine is a lovely and fairly easy to see phenomenon. It’s clearest when the moon is either quite new or quite old i.e. when it’s a thin crescent. Earthshine is sunlight which reflects off the Earth’s surface and travels to the Moon where it then gets reflected off the moon’s surface and travels back to Earth where you eyes pick it up.

Twice reflected sunlight illuminates the ‘dark side’ of the moon


Viewing a ‘young’ or ‘old’ Moon

Young moons are visible in the early evenings, setting after the sun a few days after a new moon. Old moons are visible before sunrise a few days or more before a new moon. Websites such as this can help you find out what phase the moon is currently and to work out when the next chance to see earthshine will be.  Good luck!

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